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RMT Covid-19 Update

RMT have been following the government guidelines regarding the current pandemic and unfortunately it appears Tzeitel won’t get to marry Motel... JUST YET!! But like our show, their happy day is only postponed and we will all get to celebrate soon!

We are working hard with the Uppingham Theatre, Costumiers, Scenery providers, and Rights Holders and hope to announce our new show dates in the coming days!

All tickets will be automatically transferred in line with the new performance days and once we have announced the new dates, we will be in touch to facilitate this change. You WILL get to visit Anatevka!

At this time please DO NOT contact the theatre as you will appreciate this is a challenging time for them - please remain patient with us. Before you know it we’ll be bottle dancing to a full and happy audience! Thank you for your continued patience and support at this time, we look forward to welcoming you to our little village of Anatevka very soon! 🎶 🎻

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